Margarida Rendeiro

Investigador Integrado

Professor Auxiliar
Fundação Minerva/Universidade Lusíada

mmrendeiro@netcabo.pt n;uh

Grupo de Investigação:
Cultura e Literatura

Áreas de Investigação:
Estudos literários

ORCID: 0000-0002-8607-3256

Conducting Post-Doctoral Research at CHAM, FCSH, New University of Lisbon). PhD in Portuguese Studies (King’s College, 2008) Research Project: "Memory and Utopia in Portugal after 1974: The Heirs of the Revolution of April” .
Assistant Professor at Lusíada University of Lisbon.
Co-edited Challenging Memories and Rebuilding Identities: Literary and Artistic Voices that undo the Lusophone Atlantic (Routledge, 2019) with Federica Lupati and authored The Literary Institution in Portugal since the Thirties: An Analysis under Special Consideration of the Publishing Market (Peter Lang, 2010).
Her research interests broach questions of contemporary Portuguese literature and cultures, identities and utopias.

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