Cristina Brito

Investigador Integrado

Doutorado Contratado
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas/Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Grupo de Investigação:
Pensamento Moderno e Contemporâneo

Áreas de Investigação:
História da ciência
História da expansão portuguesa

ORCID: 0000-0001-7895-0784

Cristina Brito has a PhD in History of the Portuguese Discoveries and Expansion, NOVA FCSH (2005-2010), and a background in Ethology, ISPA (1998-2000) and in Biology, FCUL (1993-1998). She was awarded a Research Contract by FCT (IF/00610/2015) at CHAM — NOVA FCSH to investigate ‘Cow-fish, ngulu-maza or iguaragua? Local and Global Knowledge Production, Changing Perceptions and Practices on Marine Animals in the Atlantic, 1419–1758’ (2016-2021).
Cristina Brito has an interdisciplinary, comparative and cross-cultural approach to her research. Her scientific interests include early modern marine environmental history, history of early modern natural history, local and global perceptions about and uses of the seas, Animal studies, Nature agency, Atlantic and ocean history.
She is a Subdirector of CHAM - Centre for the Humanities (NOVA FCSH) and Member of the Board of the international organization OPI – Oceans Past Initiative (2018-2020). She also coordinates a thematic line of research at CHAM (Sea and Environmental History), the UNESCO Chair on Oceans' Cultural Heritage and the H2020 RISE project CONCHA (2018-2021).

Curriculum Vitae(Pdf)

Documentos Partilhados:

Medieval and Early Modern Whaling in Portugal(Pdf)

History of ambergris(Pdf)

New Science From Old News(Pdf)

Connected Margins and Disconnected Knowledge(Pdf)

UNESCO Chair on the Oceans(Pdf)

Whales Beasts and Beauties(Pdf)

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