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Activities to be developed

< Course «O exótico nunca está em casa. A China no azulejo e na cerâmica portugueses (séculos XVI-XVIII)»

January 29 to April 9 | Museu Nacional do Azulejo

< International Seminar on Indo-Portuguese History- XIV

11 to 13 February | New Delhi University

The Centre for Overseas History (CHAM) is an interuniversitary research unit of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, of the New University of Lisbon and of Azores University, financed by Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

CHAM develops research related to the History of the Discoveries and the Portuguese Expansion, as well as the Portuguese presence around the world, with a special focus in the period between the origins of the Overseas Expansion and the Independence of Brazil (1822), with an interdisciplinary perspective and incorporating comparative history, paying particular attention to the history of the regions with which Portugal maintained contacts.


Call for Papers

Call for Papers
«Colonial (Mis)understandings: Portugal and Europe in Global Perspective, 1450-1900»

CHAM - Free Curricular Options

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In Memoriam
Fátima Sequeira Dias

Master in History of the Portuguese Empire (2013/2014)


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