Several outreach activities are planned in the scope of the Chair, including public lectures, scientific conferences on the oceans and their cultural heritage, and the creation of a thematic educational programme for UNESCO’s Associated Schools. The primary goal is the participation of all involved and interested communities, local communities, the scientific community and policy makers.


Image “Contemplation” by Aristocrats-hat, CreativeCommons (CC BY-NC 2.0) license: http://goo.gl/d8qeGv

Science and Natural Resources on the Deep Sea Floor


The exhibition “Sea Mineral - Science and Natural Resources on the Deep Sea Floor” was inaugurated on July 13 at MUHNAC – National Museum of Natural History and Science, and featured a presentation by Professor Andy Wheeler (University College Cork, Ireland) about the discovery of the hydrothermal field Moytirra, in the region of the Extension of the Continental Platform to the North of Azores. This exhibition is dedicated to Mário Ruivo (1927-2017), an outstanding oceanographer. More information at:















Ana Cláudia Silveira won the 2016 edition of the Alberto Sampaio History Prize




To celebrate Alberto Sampaio's 175th anniversary, this award was resumed, after a seven-year hiatus, in order to recall the historian's legacy and encourage historical research, especially in the fields of economic and social history.

The municipalities of Braga, Guimarães and Vila Nova de Famalicão created this award, under the scientific authority of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences. This year, the prize went to a work on salt production and trade in Portugal entitled  “Lavrar o Mar: a dinâmica da produção de sal em Setúbal no contexto dos salgados portugueses. Etapas de uma afirmação internacional” by Ana Cláudia Silveira, researcher at the Instituto de Estudos Medievais (Institute for Medieval Studies) of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at the Nova University of Lisbon.






Mission to Cape Verde


Cristina Brito, João Paulo Oliveira e Costa and José Bettencourt were in Cape Verde on a mission for the Chair.  The main goal of the visit was to introduce the Chair to the government of Cape Verde, and also the institutional partners, allowing for the development of a future collaboration concerning research, training and dissemination within the scope of Underwater Archaeology, enhancing cultural heritage, the history of marine environments and the History of Whaling. They also visited sites of heritage and historical interest, like the museum centre of Praia, Cidade Velha and Tarrafal.


Launch of the brochure «What is Underwater Cultural Heritage?»

25th October | 17:00 | FCSH/NOVA, Tower B, Auditorium 1 (1st floor)







The brochure intends to inform on the 2001 UNESCO Convention, raise awareness to the need to preserve, value and protect the underwater archeologic sites, promote information and knowledge sharing, encourage scientific research, training and cooperation between States and share information on underwater archaeological works carried out in Portugal and considered examples of good practices.


It was produced by UNESCO’s National Commission, in collaboration with the Director General of th Património Cultural (Directorate- General of Cultural Heritage), Ministério da Defesa Nacional – Autoridade Marítima Nacional (National Defence Ministry– National Maritime Authority), Centro de Investigação Naval (Naval Research Centre) and Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at the Nova University of Lisbon (Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the Nova University of Lisbon) .


Presentation session on UNESCO Chair «The ocean’s cultural heritage»

The session was held on 21st June, at 3 p.m., in NOVA’s Rectory Auditorium and was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of UNESCO’s National Commission.




15:00 – Presentation




Doctor Professor João Paulo Oliveira e Costa – Director of CHAM

Doctor Professor Francisco Caramelo – Director of FCSH/NOVA

Doctor Professor António Rendas – Rector of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Ambassador  Ana Maria Martinho – President of UNESCO’s National Commission

Doctor Professor Augusto Santos Silva – Minister of Foreign Affairs (Speech.pdf)

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17 Sustainable Development Goals

In the UN summit held between 25th and 27th September 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were fixed - the new 2030 Agenda. This is the result of a joint work of governments and citizens from all countries of the world with the common goal of creating a new global model.

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Heritage for Peace and Reconciliation

The Portuguese version of the Manual for Teachers “Heritage for Peace and Reconciliation – Safeguarding the Underwater Cultural Heritage of the First World War” was released in November 2015 in FCSH-UNL, through CHAM.



On the occasion of the First World War centenary, 2014 to 2018, UNESCO launched an education initiative, to educate the general public and the young in particular on the impact of war and the importance of their cultural heritage to strengthen peace and reconciliation.

The initiative is open to all education institutions and is especially directed at young people aged 12 to 18.


E-mail: catedraunesco.oceanos@fcsh.unl.pt