VII Meeting of Braspor Network

18 to 21 September 2017 | Sesimbra


Theme: Seas and Coastlines: transdisciplinary perspectives

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Imaginaries of the sea: literature, arts and tradition

A critical anthology


Submission of proposals by 31 July 2017


IELT (Institute for Literature and Tradition Studies) is coordinating a critical anthology (literature, oral tradition - tales, legends, proverbs, etc., iconography and fine arts, photography archives, studies) to draw a multi-discursive panorama of the Portuguese maritime imagination between the Middle Ages and the contemporary era. This work is part of its participation in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage of the Oceans.


This anthology will be available in E-Book format, and may easily encompass various forms and modalities of representation and bring into dialogue the different objects considered, which will be framed by a short text and some lines of interpretation to help the reader navigate through the presented documents. New studies of an inter- or multi-disciplinary nature may arise from this critical inter-art anthology, organised by major themes of the maritime imaginary, crossing sources and methodologies (History, Ethnography and Anthropology, Literature, Sociology, Ethnolinguistics, Cultural Studies, Archaeology, Heritage): hence their interest, not just as an instrument of dissemination, but also as a useful resource for advanced scientific research.


Call for submissions


III CHAM International Conference

12th to 15th July 2017 | FCSH/NOVA, Lisbon, Portugal


Theme: Oceans and Shores: Heritage, People and Environments

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16 to 18 May 2017 | Sesimbra


Theme: Historical Perspectives on the Elements and Dynamics of the Marine Socio-Ecological System

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VI Meeting of the Braspor Network

24 to 27 October 2016 | Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil


Theme: Man and the Coast: Transformations in landscape over time

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