CONCHA 1st Workshop «Crossing seas, Rising islands, Connecting people»

De 14-11-2018 a 16-11-2018

NOVA FCSH — Edifício ID, Sala Multiusos 2 (piso 4) 

CONCHA is a project focused on «The construction of early modern global Cities and oceanic networks in the Atlantic: An approach via Ocean’s Cultural Heritage». The main goal of this 1st Workshop is to join researchers from CONCHA’s partner institutions, but not exclusively, and to highlight the ongoing scientific debate on the topic. We invite all researchers from different fields of expertise and countries to participate in this forum focusing on the understanding of how early settlements in the Atlantic Islands developed (15th to 17th century) in relation to differing regional and local ecological and economic environments. 

Main scientific areas are:

  • Atlantic History; 
  • Archaeology; 
  • Environmental History and History of Science; 
  • Ethnography and Ethnobiology; 
  • Maritime History; 
  • Oceans Imaginary; 
  • Seaports and Port Cities.


Important Dates

Deadline: April 30

Communication of results: May 31

Final programme: July 31




Organising Committee

  • Cristina Brito; 
  • Patrícia Carvalho; 
  • Nina Vieira; 
  • Catarina Garcia


Scientific Committee

  • João Paulo Oliveira e Costa (CHAM, NOVA FCSH); 
  • Juan Marchena Fernandez (UPO); 
  • Cristina Brito (CHAM); 
  • José Bettencourt (CHAM); 
  • Poul Holm (TCD); 
  • Juan Martin Rincon (UNINORTE); 
  • André Teixeira (CHAM);
  • Carla Alferes Pinto (CHAM); 
  • Inês Carvalho (APCM); 
  • Carla Dâmaso (OMA); 
  • Hamilton Jair Fernandes (IPC); 
  • Manuel Jorge do Rio (MARAPA); 
  • Gilson Rambelli (LAAA-UFS); 
  • Ingo Heidbrink (ODU); 
  • Thomas Creissen (EVEHA).


CONCHA — Website(Web)

Chair in The Ocean’s Cultural Heritage(Web)